Search engine optimization — SEO — may seem like alchemy to the uninitiated. But there is a science to it. Search engines reward pages will be rewarded by placing them in the top rankwith the right combination of ranking factors or “signals.” 

 The Periodic Table Of Seo Success Factors

SEO is about ensuring your content generates the right type of signals.

Our chart above summarizes the major factors to focus on for search engine ranking success and .search engine ranking

On The Page Factors

These elements are in the direct control of the publisher


Cq: Quality : Are pages well written & have substantial quality content

Cr:Research: Have you researched the keywords people may use to find your content?

Cw: Words :Do pages use words & phrases you hope they’ll be found for?

Cf: Fresh: Are pages fresh & about “hot” topics?

Cv: Vertical: Do you have image, local, news. Video or other vertical content?

Ca: Answers: Is your content burned into direct answers within search results?

Vt: Thin: Is your content “thin” or “shallow” lacking substance ?


 Ac: Crawl : Can search engines easly “crawl” pages on site?

Ad: Duplicate: Does site manage duplicate content issues well ?

Am: Mobile : Does your site work well for mobile devices & make use of application

As : Speed : Does site load quickly?

Au: Url : Do URL’s contain meaingful keywords to page topics?

Ah: https: Does site use https to provide secure connection for visitors?

Vc : Cloaking: Do you show search engines different pages than humans?


Ht: Titles: Do HTML title tags contain keywords relevant pages topics?

Hd: Description: Do meta description tags describe what pages are about?

Hs : Structure : Do pages use structured data to enhance listings ?

Hh: Headers : Do headlines & subheads use header tags with relevant keywords?

Vs : Stuffing: Do you excessively use words you want pages to be found for?

Vh : Hidden : Do colors or design “hide” words you wants pages to be found for?


Off The Page Factors

Elements influenced by readers,visitors & other Publisher


Ta : Authority : Do links, shares & other factors make site a trusted authority?

Te : Engage : Do visitors spend time reading or “bounce” away quickly ?

Th : History : Has site or its domain been around a long time, operating is same way?

Ti : Identity : Does site use means to verify its identity & that of authors?

Vd :Pracy : Has site been flagged for hosting pirated content ?

Va : ADS : Is your content ad-heavy especially “above to fold”?


Lq : Quality : Are links from trusted, quality or respected web sites?

Lt : Test : Do links pointing at pages use words you hope they will be found for?

Ln: Number: Do many links point at your web pages?

Vp: Paid : Have you purchased links in hopes of better rankings ?

Vl : Spam: Have you created links by spamming blogs, forums or other places?


Pc: Country: What country is someone located in?

Pl: Locality: What city or local area is someone located in?

Ph: History: Has someone regularly visited your site or socially favored it?

Ps: Social: Has someone or their friends socialty fovered the site?


Sr : Reputation: Do those respected on social networks share your content?

Ss: Share: Do many share your content on social networks?


Factor Works Together

All factors on the table are important. But those marked 3 carry more weight than 1 or 2. No single factor guarantees top rankings or successi, but having several favorable ones increases the odds. Negative “violation” factors shown in red harm your chances.

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