Mind Maps appeal to your senses with their visual elements – images, branch colours and curved branches all add emphasis and ensure that you will remember your notes!

By noting down only key words, you save vital time while studying. Also, when you go on to write essays or study for exams from your Mind Maps, you will recall the most important information.


Mind Maps appeal to your senses with their visual elements – images, branch colours and curved branches all add emphasis and ensure that you will remember your notes!

By noting down only key words, you save vital time while studying. Also, when you go on to write essays or study for exams from your Mind Maps, you will recall the most important information.

You generate ideas simply through making your Mind Map. Your brain actively makes links between ideas, adds connections, puts thoughts in order and generates further creative ideas.

Your brain responds to Mind Mapping as it replicates the natural thinking process, so you will find your ideas simply flow onto the page, making studying more enjoyable and more fun!

Mind Mapping as study skills

How Mind Maps İmprove Your Learning Skills

The Mind Map is a versatile tool, which can improve any aspect of study, including:


Firstly, Mind Maps are a great way for students to make notes on all of the information they receive. Do you ever feel like, as students, you are being told a ton of facts and figures and have no way to get it all down and remember it? Mind Maps help students to note down only the most important information using key words, and then make connections between facts and ideas visually – keeping all of your topic thoughts together on one sheet.

This makes note making easier or students, as it reduces pages of notes into one single side of paper. Having one visual resource to refer to makes everything easier. Then, when you come back to review your notes, you will remember the information more quickly – quite a feat!

Plus, with the iMindMap software, you can attach files, videos, documents and web links to your Maps for information at your fingertips! You can add to these and edit when you revisit them for your exams.


Students get it all the time – your teachers are asking you to create an essay plan. But do you just not know where to start? Or, when you make a plan, do you find it hard to stick to? By creating a Mind Map to plan your essay, you generate more ideas quickly and, with the radial structure, you can quickly see the connecting topics, main paragraphs and structure.

Mind Maps will help you make a realistic plan for your essay, and create a logical structure for the introduction, main sections and conclusions. Mind Mapping focuses your mind on the message you want to get across and the key information you want to include, making you less likely to go off topic or start rambling – a great tool for making sure you hit the marking criteria.

With iMindMap, you create your Map of keywords, plus you can add notes if you need more detail. Once you have made your Mind Map, you can even export it to Microsoft Word – with your notes in place, your essay is nearly fully written! Great for students’ coursework. Mind Mapping to plan essays is especially useful for students facing timed essays in their exams!


Mind Map Examination Study Tips

Having thoroughly pieced together your mind map, you are now ready to begin preparing for your examinations.

At this stage, you should have everything you need meticulously presented within your mind map. All it takes now is to thoroughly go through each of the branches and absorb the content into your long-term memory.

Speaking of exams, how many students hate studying for exams? Having to go back through piles of notes, forgetting what they were about in the first place! With Mind Mapping, studying and exams don’t have to be scary. Simply review the notes you have made on each subject, and Mind Map the key information you need to remember.

To check that you have memorised this information, you can create a new Mind Map with only the main topic branches, and then fill in the rest from memory. You will find that you will have remembered more, and maintained the connections between ideas – ideal for answering exam questions! When students use iMindMap, you can collapse branches to test yourself, or focus in and out on different aspects of the subject.


Improves Creative and Critical Thinking

Our ability to think critically and creatively is built upon the foundations of how effectively we can piece together seemingly unrelated bits of information.

Mind mapping is one of the best tools available today that will enhance and encourage the development of this type of thinking.

Have you ever tried to write a story, paint a picture or plan an essay but had no ideas to start with? Mind Mapping sparks billions of creative ideas, for students to turn into the next great novel or artwork! Mind Maps work in the same way as your brain, meaning that when you have a thought – this could be an image, a word or a feeling – this instantly sparks off hundreds of connecting ideas.

Mind Maps are just a way of representing this process on paper, so start Mind Mapping and you’ll find thousands of ideas flooding out. Plus, Tony Buzan, the inventor of Mind Mapping and all-round smart guy, says that when you start Mind Mapping students should note down any ideas that they have – no matter how crazy or random! This is where the best creative plans come from – so don’t be afraid to be off the wall…


The better you are able to manage and organize your problems within a mind map, the more connections you will likely find between seemingly disjointed fragments of information. As a result, this will help you find answers that you may not have been aware of before.

If you have a tough equation or obstacle you need to overcome, Mind Mapping can help you to see things clearly. Students should know that the ability to problem solve is looked for by universities and future employers – Mind Mapping will get you ahead of the pack!

When you encounter a problem, your instinct is to panic, meaning your heart starts beating faster and you feel stressed. Instead of ‘forcing’ your mind to find a solution, Mind Mapping helps to open up many possibilities and options to solve the problem.

When you Mind Map for a solution, you can add any ideas or resources you can think of, and the nature of Mind Mapping means that you spark off more possibilities from your original thoughts. You can then refine your Map for the most practical or realistic solutions available. For students, by Mind Mapping a solution to your problem, you should become focused on the many options you have, and then choose the quickest/easiest/best one for your problem.


Improves Flow of Ideas

When we are able to understand the associations, connections and interactions between different pieces of information, this naturally brings forth a spurt of creative and unique ideas that we normally would not have been able to piece together through standard ways of thinking. This is also the primary reason why mind mapping is one of the most effective brainstorming tools.

Used as a Brainstorming Tool

Do you have a problem you need to solve? Most of us do…

Do you need immediate inspiration?

Are you trying to work out how to manage a task or activity more effectively?

Simply break out some crayons and a piece of paper and mind map your thoughts and ideas just like a child.

Group study can be a really fun way for students to share their knowledge, and Mind Mapping can help you to get the best out of a brainstorming session. First, you should make an individual Mind Map of your thoughts on the topic, as this will focus your mind on your own ides and opinions – not all the other students’!

Then when you join together, you can combine your ideas with your friends’, without losing your personal insights on the topic, creating a new Mind Map with everyone’s ideas.With iMindMap, you can create a Mind Map with each of your friends’ names as main branches, and then even record Audio Notes of you and your fellow students’ discussions, adding each persons’ input to their individual branch.


Planning Speeches and Presentations

You may like to use mind mapping to prepare and present your speeches and presentations.

Sometimes we rush, skip-over or forget to present critical components of our presentations due to a variety of factors.

Mind mapping will help you to piece together your speech or presentation in a structured and focused way.

Making presentations at school, college or university can be daunting for students, but they are a great way of showing that you know the subject well and are confident to talk about it. With Mind Maps, presenting is a breeze for students. Reading from sheets of notes is boring for students – with Mind Mapping you only have keywords and images to stimulate your memory, so you automatically present in a more conversational way as you keep eye contact with your audience.

When you make your presentation Mind Map, you only keep the most interesting facts and information, and you lay it out in a clear structure. You can even add numbers to order your talking points. With iMindMap, you can plan your presentation with all of your ideas and resources, create your presentation Map and even present using the amazing inbuilt Presentation Mode – all from within one Mind Map! Presentation Mode animates your Mind Map as you talk, to really wow your crowd.

How could iMindMap improve my study skills?

iMindMap can improve your study skills even further, with a multitude of easy-to-use features and tools:

Image and Icon Libraries – give your notes quick visual emphasis with a vast array of images and symbols, designed to help you comprehend messages easily.

Save, edit and review your Mind Maps at leisure – great for revision!

Use Highlight Clouds and Relationship Arrows to make connections between ideas even more explicit.

Using the Expand and Collapse function is a great way to test yourself – or your friends! – on key information.

Add notes to branches for more detailed information, longer data or add useful web links for your reference.

Share your Mind Maps in a variety of ways with others, by exporting to PDF, image files, a webpage and even MS Word.

Mind Mapping makes studying fun!

In this article, you have found out why your brain does not respond positively to linear note taking, which may explain why you find studying boring! Mind Mapping can change all that. By using Mind Maps to make notes you will find that you enjoy studying more, have more original creative ideas and get information down a lot faster. Try it today!

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What are the benefits of Mind Mapping while studying?

Mind Maps appeal to your senses with their visual elements – images, branch colours and curved branches all add emphasis and ensure that you will remember your notes! By noting down only key words, you save vital time while studying. Also, when you go on to write essays or study for exams from your Mind Maps, you will recall the…


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